Författare: Eric Bäckhage

  • I found a case for a ”C/C++ developer”

    What are your thoughts when you see a job ad where they are looking for a C/C++ developer? Personally I have always wondered what ”C/C++” means. Do they know that C and C++ are different languages? That C is a procedural language and C++ is an object oriented language and writing modern C++ code is […]

  • Ways to pass Arguments in C++

    In C++ there are many ways to pass an argument to a function. The following code shows some commonly used variants. It is also possible to add the const keyword at different places when passing by pointers to make either the pointer const or the value the pointer is pointing at const, or both. You […]

  • Representing missing value in C++

    One thing that I have bothered me quite a lot when coding in C# is a good way to indicate the absence of a value. There are a few different alternatives how this can be done, the most common being using null. However, using null instead of an actual type quite often leads to crashes […]

  • Typing speed and accuracy

    Recently I have been practicing my typing speed and accuracy. When you do a lot of typing on a daily basis it can be a good idea to ramp up your typing speed. It is said that the average typing speed is about 40 words per minute (WPM). For this measure a ”word” is standardized […]

  • Teach Yourself Computer Science

    In high school I studied electronics and computer systems, and then I continued on with software engineering for a short period before switching over to electrical engineering where I received my master’s degree in electronic system design. After graduation I wrote software for large embedded systems for a number of years before switching over to […]

  • Visualizing software architecture using the C4 model

    Recently I stumbled across a model called ”C4” that is designed to help visualize software architecture. After reading through the C4 website, https://c4model.com/, and looking at the conference talk by Simon Brown, I felt that this was something I should explore more in depth. My, very personal, opinion is that we as software designers have […]

  • Book review – Get Programming with F#

    It’s been a while since I finished Get Programming with F# by Isaac Abraham but I haven’t come around to review it, until now. Learning functional programming has been one of my personal goals this year. I started out with Functional Programming in C# by Enrico Buonanno which explains a lot of the concepts of […]

  • New C# 9 features and their F# counterparts

    I recently watched Mads Torgersen’s video presentation of C# 9 from Microsoft Build and also read his presentation on the same topic titled Welcome to C# 9.0. It is obvious that the C# team is heavily inspired by functional programming and many of the new features have equivalents in F# (where they have existed for […]

  • Introducing The WIB Limit

    If you and your development team are using a Kanban board then you are familiar with the term WIP limit. WIP is short for Work In Progress and the idea is that putting a limit on the amount of ongoing work will help the team focus on the most important work and getting more work […]

  • Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches

    I just finished a month of lunches (actually breakfasts) in the company of a book called ”Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches” by Don Jones. As the name implies it is a book on the topic of administrating one or more database servers that runs Microsofts RDBMS software ”SQL Server”. This is […]