Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches

I just finished a month of lunches (actually breakfasts) in the company of a book called ”Learn SQL Server Administration in a Month of Lunches” by Don Jones. As the name implies it is a book on the topic of administrating one or more database servers that runs Microsofts RDBMS software ”SQL Server”.

Book cover

This is NOT a book on database design or the programming language SQL, even though it contains a T-SQL crash course. Instead this book teaches you how to manage a SQL Server. That is, how to manage security, set up and configure auditing, monitor performance, investigate dead locks and time outs, manage back-ups, and other things that are useful for keeping a database server running smoothly.

Jones did not write this books for software developers only but for anyone who recently has become responsible for administrating a server running SQL Server and is in need of getting up to speed with the most important tasks that comes with the role. I would recommend anyone, developer or not, that are responsible for managing one or more instances of SQL Server to read this book. It is packed with tips and hands-on exercises that will quickly help you learn the most important skills needed for administrating SQL Server.

Even though the book was written when SQL Server 2012 was the most recent version out there I did not find anything that wasn’t applicable for SQL Server 2019. Even the pictures of dialogs in SQL Server Management Studio are still 100% accurate. I suppose that Microsoft does not change these if not absolutely necessary.

Now go learn some SQL Server administration!

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