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  • Had Enough of Dvorak

    After several years with Dvorak I’m switching back to QWERTY. Actually I already have, I’m typing this text using the QWERTY keyboard layout. There are a couple of reasons why I have decided to give up on Dvorak after all these years. We do a lot of screen sharing at work and it just doesn’t […]

  • Typing speed and accuracy

    Recently I have been practicing my typing speed and accuracy. When you do a lot of typing on a daily basis it can be a good idea to ramp up your typing speed. It is said that the average typing speed is about 40 words per minute (WPM). For this measure a ”word” is standardized […]

  • Introducing The WIB Limit

    If you and your development team are using a Kanban board then you are familiar with the term WIP limit. WIP is short for Work In Progress and the idea is that putting a limit on the amount of ongoing work will help the team focus on the most important work and getting more work […]

  • Is it possible to automate too much?

    One goal that seems to be common among most organizations is to automate as many repetative manual tasks as possible. Automation has many advantages, it removes the risk of human mistakes, it reduces the time it takes to get things done, it frees up human resources, and hopefully saves the business quite a lot of […]

  • My thoughts on ”Getting Things Done”

    I just finished re-reading David Allen’s book ”Getting Things Done” (GTD). This time I thought would be a good time to share my thoughts on the methods described in the book. The reason I think this time is more suitable than the last time I read the book is because I have been using most […]