Kategori: Software Architecture

  • Guidelines for commenting code

    Writing good comments is hard and we developers have come up with several excuses to not write comments at all. In this post I will try to debunk some of the most common excuses for not writing comments and give some good reasons for writing them and how to write them so that they add […]

  • The art of keeping things simple

    As a software developer you go through different phases in your personal development. Many, but far from all, end up valuing simple code. Simple does not imply that the code doesn’t do what it needs to do, it means that the code is written in a way that puts minimal cognitive load on the human […]

  • Visualizing software architecture using the C4 model

    Recently I stumbled across a model called ”C4” that is designed to help visualize software architecture. After reading through the C4 website, https://c4model.com/, and looking at the conference talk by Simon Brown, I felt that this was something I should explore more in depth. My, very personal, opinion is that we as software designers have […]